Avast free and Unthreat antivirus free edition

I am thinking of which antivirus I want to you and I found that I am in dilemma…so I wish to ask for opinion from the people in this forum on which one is better( in term of detection and protection) ?

I understand that Avast has many features if compared to Unthreat antivirus free, but according to the RAP test conducted by VB100, Unthreat antivirus did well in the test.

I hope I can get some responses from you guys…thanks~

theres a problem with your question. Virus signatures are always going to vary from day to day. The best thing to do is test them both yourself and see what works best for your needs and if you cant test them yourself then look for several different reviews on youtube

ya, I know the virus signatures are always going to vary from day to day, however my question here is which one is better, because Avast has so many features such as web shield in which Unthreat antivirus doesn’t offer. I feel quite insecure without a web protection but I do use Comodo Secure DNS in my laptop

May I ask what Firewall you’re running alongside it, if any?

Also, would you characterize yourself as high risk, etc…?

Erm, I didn’t run any 3rd party firewall because I am just a home user and I don’t think I am in high risk. But sometimes, I will surf chinese websites and use thumb drive to pass documents to my friends

Well, and maybe I’m being paronoid, and perhaps someone will correct me, but the internet is a more dangerous place than most people realize.

It’s because of this that I recommend running a HIPS firewall, and I believe that the easiest to use among these is Comodo Firewall.

Perhaps someone has better advice, but my personal favorite combination is running Comodo Firewall alongside either Avast or just running CIS by itself. For me, at least, it’s the protective power of CF, or CIS, that’s the most protective.

I look at the detection power as a secondary element.

That said, let’s see what other people think.

Ok, then I think I will use Avast because I found CIS full scan eats so much of my cpu resources…Thanks for your advice and I really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Avast does have a good track record, and that’s worth a lot.