avast & comodo & panda detection test against 830 malwares

avast: - YouTube
comodo: - YouTube
panda: - YouTube

I can’t watch there. Maybe someone say the summary?


That was a pure laughter :smiley:

Avast clip was shut down after 25 seconds due to inappropriate ■■■■■■ loud music

Two other clips were silent (thanks God!!!)

But as a whole - what was a point?
Who can make any conclusions watching those so called “tests” in horrible low UTube resolution ???

Stupid stuff

Rather put a few words … like: “Comodo won 830-old-known-malwares useless contest”

& probably some inexperienced/gullible users will buy it … hehe …

What a joke!


Thank you for the resume. Testing by collection of obsolete malware is of no use, really.