Avast + Comodo Firewall

I am using Avast Home Edition but have disabled the Network Shield in favor of Comodo Firewall. Does anybody who also uses Avast also leave the Network Shield on? (I’m wondering what’s the best choice)

Edit: This is probably the wrong forum… O0

No reason to have 2 firewalls running on the same machine. Since Comodo firewall is superb you can safely disable Avast’s firewall.


You can safely leave the Network Shield on, It’s not a firewall - So there are no overlaps.

Thanks for your response.

Yes, the network shield of Avast! is not a firewall, but, some of the features of Avast! such as the web shield and email scanners might not be necessary if you have D+ fully enabled. Avast! is good but I noticed that on the machine I installed it on, it uses more RAM than the full package of CIS does on this machine.

My mistake, I believed that Avast Netshield was a firewall component of Avast. Done a bit more research and found that was not the case. Sorry for the wrong advice.


Thats cool. This is what the community is for :smiley: to help each other out.
btw - avast 5.0 is going to have an Internet security version, it will include firewall :slight_smile: