Avast bypass

Did anyone try if the v6 firewall is also bypassed by e.g. Avast?

What exactly do you mean??I am running comodo 6 firewall only build 2674 with Avast 7!Free Antivrus with current program and av updates as of today.what do you want me to try? i am running windows 8 pro x64

Try if Avast web shield bypasses cfw rules…

They fixed that in version 5.12. I was playing with AV’s today. Installed Avast. Got rid of it later. Back to Comodo AV. That bypass didn’t work today having said that on some PC’s I heard it might work. Don’t know why.

What is an example or scenario that will test whether the avast web shield will by pass cis 6 firewall?
Throw one at me and i will test it for you.

I don’t think it has been fully fixed in 5.12. I still have programs that connect to the net after I select ‘block’ in the Comodo pop-up. But they are blocked when I disable Avast’s web shield.

If someone can confirm that there is still a conflict with Avast and Comodo Firewall V 6.0 please create a bug report for it. This issue should be fixed with V 6.0. Thus, if there is still a problem this is a bug.

Thank you.

Enable the Web Shield in Avast 7.
Block an application from accessing the internet in CIS.
See if the application can still access the internet when CIS is supposed to be blocking it.

The answer is no avast web shield does not bypass the cis 6 firewall.i added a rule to completely block internet explorer. Avast 7 webshield enabled launched internet explorer. and Internet explorer couldn’t get to a single webpage.



Could you try Super Antispyware free version? Select update definitions and select ‘block’ on the Comodo pop-up, don’t set a rule. It still updates for me using 5.12, hopefully it’s blocked in version 6.

Also Adobe Reader XI still checks for updates after being blocked, maybe you could try that too.

Also note that the problem existed with Windows 7.

sounds like you have all of the tools you need do do this testing, avast is free, super anti-spyware is free, cis 6 is free. and you can always take adobe acrobat XI for trial run from adobe.com for free.You just have cold feet about installing cis 6 i suspect…i can understand that you would want to wait till at least the next build before installing.

i own a copy of superantispyware…
i am not going to play around with the system until i reach my next image point that I image my c drive to my d drive. with acronis true image 2013. i have reached a pink cloud of security and speed and am just making sure i am ready to image again. this way when my show traffic is checked as an option on the security widget of the cis 6 systray icon and it’s greyed and out and bringing kill switch up and seeing my network flooded. if it ever happens again.i can always shutdown and switch the sata cable to the other hard disk and boot up safe secure and back to that point of achievment of security ETC…
You might consider investing in a second hard drive and a copy of acronis true image and just clone your system to a new drive then have at it. Nothing beats that. I am running Windows 8 Pro x64

I have tested those programs with 5.12, and they all still connect after I block them, which is why I was asking for someone with version 6 to see if the problem is still there.

Sound like a borked installation of either CIS or some irregularities in your OS.

Also Adobe Reader XI still checks for updates after being blocked, maybe you could try that too.
Adobe updates is a bit of a sneaky sod. Somebody once took a closer look at it and when the program updater cannot connect it will try svchost.exe and background intelligent transfer service (part of Windows update since Vista).

Please start a help topic for your problem as it is not related to the problem between Win 7 and the proxy of Avast webshield.

Sorry, but I believe the problem is exactly to do with Windows 7, Comodo and Avast’s webshield, all the things I have mentioned are blocked when I disable Avast’s webshield.

Version 6 behaves the same way as version 5 with Avast Web Shield.

If you say the problem still exists, it definitely still exists. :-\

So did 5.12 actually fix it and it came back in version 6, I wonder?

!ot! Welcome back Radaghast! :slight_smile:

No the problem is still the same in 5.12 which is what I’m using.

The problem still exist.
For example, set Hitman Pro as a blocked application in firewall, if turn avast web shield on, Hitman Pro can still connect to internet, but if turn web shield off, then Hitman Pro can’t connect to internet.

Did someone already create a bug report for this? If not than could someone?