avast! av and comodo firewall and defense plus

this will work right
is cav better than avast AV

Not better yet but in my opinion very close, I would say at least within 1% detection.

Yes, you can use Avast antivirus with Comodo firewall and defense+. You may choose not to install comodo antivirus; however, you can install it if you wish. One advantage to installing Comodo antivirus is that you can use it as an additional on-demand scanner even if you are not using the real-time scanner.

If you are using the avast real-time scanner when Comodo antivirus is installed, you should disable the Comodo real-time scanner (click scanner settings and set the slider to disable). It’s usually not a good idea to run two real-time antivirus scanners at the same time.

Comodo AV vs. Avast AV: There have been some comparisons that suggest that the malware detection rate is similar (see this article). I am not aware of any articles that adequately compare resource/CPU usage, false positive rates, cleaning ability, etc.

I looked at that test and i saw that CIS was on of the winner because of the defense + and the firewall