avast antivirus


I have just installed Avast on my computer and am having trouble configuring Comodo to allow it to connect to the internet. I have tried to define it as a trusted application but Comodo blocks it. At least that is what I think is happening. When I try to update Avast there is no response, either from Comodo or Avast, however when I close Comodo down Avast is able to access the internet. Can anyone advise me what the problem might be?


paul c

I’ve set “c:\ program files\ alwil software\ avast4\ setup\ avast.setup” as outgoing only and it updates fine!

Watch out also for the defense+ pop-ups, set avast.setup as trusted application!

edit:\Also set VisthUpd.exe as Installer/Updater or as trusted application.

Hi paulc

Here are my settings for avast4: for Defense+ ashdisp.exe, ashsimpl.exe, ashavast.exe, are all custom policies. Ashquick.exe is trusted application.
for Firewall: Ashmaisv.exe, avastsetup, ashwebsv.exe,ashserv.exe are all custom policy.

If you cannot get it working yet remove all the policies for avast and set your firewall and Defense+ to training mode and restart avast. click each popup with remember and you should have it.


Delete all entires of Avast in firewall and D+ then put firewall and D+ in training mode and reboot. Let Comodo learn Avast and all your other program or just manually add it. Comodo comes with a great help file system.