Avast and CPE3

Comodo pro

i use another antivirus program and like to know was there a anti-virus instill with this firewall?
if so how would i disable it so it be on demand only to use it?

i been using avast for a very long time and love it totally and heard how great Comodo is for a firewall.

i was more of a need for a firewall without all the extra extra things to them.

am hoping there was no anti-virus install reason for asking

CFP does not have an internally built anti-virus, so feel free to use it with Avast.

I am currently using Avast with CFP with no problems.

Avast and Comodo are great together. (R)

The AV in CFP 3 is on-demand… Which uses CAV 3 engine (Comodo Antivirus v3)

Comodo Internet Security (Fingers crossed end off July) Will have full Comodo AV v3 built in though :slight_smile:


Hopefully end of July, I’ll be saying buh bye to AntiVir and say hello to CIS :BNC

CIS is a cool acronym ;D

Let’s hope so :slight_smile:

I’ll close this one to avoid further off topic discussion.