Avast 7 Final Test

Test on Real system XP SP3

Cloud was enabled i.e Connection Established on GUI.

40 Zero-Day Malware links from MDL, MBL, Malc0de & CleanMX.

Tried to download & save malware with Internet Explorer 8.

14 Blocked by WebShield

5 Blocked by NetworkShield. NetworkShield is URL based so I tried these 5 links disabling NetworkShield too.
2 links didn’t worked
2 links were blocked by WebShield &
1 was missed.

2 Links were blocked as PUP. I had enabled PUP to see the difference between default & PUP enabled settings.

I didn’t got any File Rep popup while downloading or anytime.

19 malware were downloaded & saved. I ran 19 malware. 2 were AutoSandboxed. Rest were missed.

After Restart

Cleaned with CCleaner.

KillSwicth found 1 FLS.Unknown Process. AutoRun found 4 FLS.Unknown entries. No Changes in Quick Repair. After deleting process & entries found by KillSwitch
& AutoRun, CCE Smart Scan found nothing.

HitmanPro found nothing.

MBAM quich scan detected 2 traces, nothing dangerous.

Todays malware collection was not good. Of the 19 malware that could download & save, app. 8-10 were kinda unwanted apps, rest were not dangerous I guess so no much infection.

Any AV only cannot give excellent protection, specially with these tests. But with the kind of features Avast now have I do think it can provide very good protection in Real World Scenario. These are just my thoughts on Avast 7. I think its the best free AV currently.


Informative review :-TU
A few months on now are you still as convinced with avast! ???
Have you done anymore testing recently.