Avast 7 and Comodo 5.10 not mixing

I recently updated avast from 6 to 7 and comodo to 5.10.I run comodo with proactive security profile and with defense + set to the blocked setting.Till avast 6 and comodo 5.9 this never was an issue and avast used to update as usual.But since my update comodo has started blocking avast specifically avast.setup and this prevents avast from updating.I dont know if this is due to the new streaming updates of avast which btw also randomly gets blocked.I submitted the blocked files to comodo and for few days it was ok in the whitelist.Even after deleting trusted files it got placed in back thanks to online verification.but today again comodo started blocking avast updates and even after allowing the update under partially limited it blocks other update files from being allowed so i have to go through popups to allow them,i have placd the files in trusted now but just wanted to bring this to your notice so you can update the defense+ defintions to update avast as well as allow streaming updates from avast when comodo is set to proactive and defense+ is set to the blocked setting.

Loving this software and ahvent had a single infection in almost 3 years thanks to the combination of avast,comodo and malwarebytes.Keep up the good work.Waiting fr CIS 6 ;D ;D ;D


There is already a big thread on Avast7 and CIS here
There seem to be features introduced in Avast7 that are for Windows8 and causing issues with installations on Win7 in regards with other security software.

Most users report switching back to Avast6 resolves the incompatibility.

I’ll lock this thread.