Avast 6 shows cmdagent.exe as a virus?

I assume this is a false positive?

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I presume the behavior of cmdagent is considered suspect by avast. I have avast 6 on one of my PC and has put CIS in the exclusion list. That prevents incompatibilities between the 2 softs and avoid such FP.

It surely is. Please report it to Avast so they can fix it.

DonZ, did you report to avast?
You can send an email to

This FAQ here may help to make Avast and CIS work together, and will explain why sometimes security programs just won’t work together properly.

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A couple of things I forgot to mention when I received the Avast alert.

I first had forgot I had previously turned off Defense+. So it was off when the full Avast scan was running. Next while the scan was running, I opened the Comodo GUI from my desktop.

My gut tells me that it was the opening of the Comodo GUI that had triggered the alert. I had run full Avast scans prior to the one yesterday with no problems what so ever.

I am going to run another full scan now and will report back with the results.

Ran full Avast scan again and same infection found.

Now what is interesting is Comodo is not stopping Avast from accessing cmdagent.exe like it does for other anti-malware scanners I use? No alerts in the Defense+ log for unauthorized access by Avast?

avast is detecting other Comodo files as false positives… Bad…

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I was on the Avast forum and got it straightened out.

Problem is when you specify the memory scan option in an Avast custom scan, it will detect everything. They said it has something to do with the unencrypted signatures cmdagent.exe loads into memory. Didn’t fully understand it all so I will take their word at it. Solution is to specify a less aggresive memory scan option in a custom scan such as auto-startup programs.

DonZ, can you update avast again and retest? Thanks.

The question should be, why are there unencrypted signatures loaded into the memory?

Ran a full scan on my system drive, full rootkit scan, and for auto-startup programs all users. No threats found.

If anyone wants, it’s being discussed in avast forum here: cmdagent.exe virus found

@DonZ: your link has session (personal) information.