avast 6.0 was released yeasterday along with a new web site.

Fire up the VMS!

Could it be that Melih’s crusade against one man played a part in elevating him to Super Hero status? ;D ;D (Note to Bob. Ditch the cape. Maybe he hasn’t seen ‘The Incredibles’?)

Of what I saw from Langgy99 it didn’t do too good for having a sandbox on. Avast has something to look forward to improve.

Valentin N

Although I watched languy99’s test, I’ll give it a try with some more decent samples , I think languy99’s samples were legitimate programs in a couple of cases…

So it may be knk2006 but I expected from the sandbox.

I am a very happy CIS user and have no need of testing other software if I won’t make reviews in the future.

Valentin N

a big failure against a backdoor :-X <

tested with the default configurations of course…

not all can be the best ;D

There are “free” RATs out there. There are free tutorials on how to make them FUD " fully undetected "

So, I’ll leave the judgments to you gentlemen …

cheers :smiley:

I'll leave the judgments to you gentlemen ...

Thanks :smiley: ;D

Hi. I am a CIS user, and have no real need to try alternatives. But as with any software makers I do wish them all the very best, especially those that supply very functional free versions. Competition makes for good products. I would like to wish Avast and its users all the best for the new version. Good luck and Kind regards.

Best to let sleeping souls sleep. Being woken does not make for happiness. Kind regards.

And the spandex outfit - my eyes are like burning!!!

Gotta agree Pete. The mill don’t run on yesterdays water.

Besides, the cartoon isn’t particularly flattering - my dogs still whimpering. :wink:

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

!ot! Here rinse it out and wash it down :■■■■

Sorry for drawing your attention to a PUP (Potentially Unflattering Picture). I hope the actual product is better than the web page. My son’s W7 64 PC still using 5.1. I suggested he not rush into 6.0.

Test time 20.05. It’s probably the longest test languy99 did recently. At least I think so. But as usual, it’s users find whether Avast Internet Security 6 it is good or not. Take care everybody.

the site blocker wouldn’t work. This is the third time i reinstalled it. anybody else experiencing the same?

The heuristics behind AutoSandbox is just on the starting line, and really needs more people to adopt it for it to become fully effective. So give it some time :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hey Red,

Long time no hear. Good to see you on board. :smiley:

The logic behind the heuiristics is community based?? Am I interpreting your post correctly?