avast 6.0 beta is ready!

No, it relies on heuristics (which by the way need to be WAY more sensitive).

Always sandbox used on notepad on partially limited seems to have virtualised a text file I created. (I did this for testing purposes).

Fail ;D
To user friendly approach, malware isn’t user friendly.

everything I did was reported by their forums members. They have a really good community, so don’t worry.

 Indeed, the ease of use is an issue when you have a solid product. Therefore, develop a product till u feel that your software has gotten a fine shape e.g. after casting, extruding and all these funny stuff  ;D, then think of such a small matter which is the usability. And please don't get me wrong, the program is usable but the more important argument here is " does it do what's supposed to be doing or not " , does it protect the user efficiently so that he doesn't need to worry about whether he/she [at] risk or not and thus Avast! in my opinion should focus on fixing their leaking sandbox in the first place and then should try to manipulate it or do whatever it takes in order to make the auto-sandbox as solid as it should. 

 In conclusion, the product still needs a lot of massive work to get the desirable, the promised, results.