avast 6.0 beta is ready!

Test it please someone it’s a beta so use at your own risk.

Also you can read what it’s features are.


The new avast! 6.0 will provide no-hassle ‘virtualization’ to all users, giving them even greater security. AutoSandbox is the first time that a free antivirus will offer virtualization technology together with outstanding malware detection.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, January 24, 2011 – AVAST Software is including an array of new technologies in its soon-to-be released avast! 6.0, including virtualization technology for all of its free users.

“AVAST is so committed to free, we are providing all of our users with this virtualization technology for free,” says Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST Software. “It is not always certain that an item is 100 percent clean but with AutoSandbox virtualization, we’ve created a safe space between the known good and bad content which will make life safer for all avast users – whether they are using our free or paid-for products.”

Virtualization technology enables people to create a ‘virtual’ computer inside their physical machine. If they encounter malware while browsing the internet or running an infected application, the virtual computer will shut down, leaving their real computer unharmed and running. “Most viruses are spread through executable commands and scripts are the entry point. By isolating the binary in a virtual computer, the real machine stays clean,” explains Mr. Vlcek.

avast! 6.0 will bring automatic virtualization technology to all free users

AutoSandbox, a free virtualized environment for testing suspicious code, makes virtualization an easy one-click choice. “Virtualization has the potential to significantly increase user safety, but people have been slow to adopt this technology—even when it’s a part of their antivirus package,” says Mr. Vlcek. “AutoSandbox shifts virtualization from being an ‘IT geek’ specialty to an automatic, easily accessible safety feature for all avast users.”

AutoSandbox identifies and prompts users to run suspicious applications in a safe virtual environment. Users have three options: execute the file within the virtual AutoSandbox, run it outside the sandbox, or cancel running the application entirely. “It’s a win-win for users, if the item is dangerous it just shuts down the virtual computer and the user’s real machine remains safe. And, if the item is safe, there is no hassle from a false positive,” adds Mr. Vlcek.

The new feature will be available at no cost to all avast! users – including those with avast! Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, and the premium Internet Security suite.

Oh that is going to be awesome, autosandboxing but done in a way not to annoy users.:slight_smile:

Is the pirate talk in this version?
That was my favourite part of Avast 5, you wouldn’t believe the amount of arguments were solved by just listening to the update sound. ;D

Autosandbox doesn’t work for me.

A good thing more Security companies are adopting this protection set to “default-on”. :-TU

I just wanna say this : everything looks perfect on paper, but the reality is a whole different story :slight_smile:

their sandbox still leaks :embarassed: …

tried running a TDL3 rootkit inside their sandbox using the option in the right-click context menu … it failed in preventing it from modifying the MBR

and that’s just a simple test , digging deeper and deeper with commonly used backdoors will reveal more failures …

send my regards to the Avast! team ;D

p.s. the firewall was set on ask and so was the behavior blocker :smiley: , I disabled the system shield to assume a zero-day malware scenario.

Well give them a chance, it’s still a Beta product, and Comodo’s first steps in auto-sandboxing wasn’t flawless either :wink:


“May” would have been a better choice of words.

Avast are a smart company - if there are deficencies, I’m sure they will be addressed.

Give them time - as Ronny said, it’s a beta.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Although I didn’t say I gave up on them, that was just a quick test that I did and liked to share. I personally believe that’s the whole purpose of any BETA stage :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of fine products < just remember that :wink:

I think you’re reporting this in the wrong forum. 88)

That said I can’t wait to see how it ends up when it’s out of Beta.

;D I tried to spice the topic up a bit by doing a quick test … , and no I’m not interested in reporting anything because I have nothing to report< rootkit bypassed their sandbox , LOL that’s the case since v5 I presumed that people had already reported it , unless they are not testing the products that they use, which is not the case here.

the auto sandbox works now for those who want to try it out!

And new in v6.0.945 - fixed a bug in the AutoSandbox decision logic - improved installation of the Firefox WebRep plugin - fixed the transient cache in File System Shield - improved installation of the VC redistributable packages - some improvements in the Sidebar gadget (cosmetic issues still to be solved) - fixed a bug in the Autosandbox/FS Shield settings - more stability improvements in the sandbox and behavior shield
There was a bug in the first beta that prevented the autosandbox from kicking in for files located on local hard drives... this should now be fixed (and there will be another beta refresh in about 1 hour).

Sorry for the inconvenience; I admit that this was pretty unfortunate as many people were curious about how the autosandbox would perform, and it wasn’t really doing much.

Things should hopefully improve momentarily, and will keep improving even more.


thanks , I’ll give it a try

I’ve repeated the same test , failed again :-[

auto-sandbox is not active yet or maybe not that active ;D

thanks :slight_smile:


If you have some time do report it in the Avast forum. This will help improve the product and everyone will benefit :slight_smile:


There Quote “AutoSandbox is the first time that a free antivirus will offer virtualization technology together with outstanding malware detection.”
As i know Comodo given first auto-sandboxing :wink:

Ah, but Comodo’s autosandbox doesn’t virtualize. That’s only offered for manually sandboxed programs.

Don’t you just love marketing. :wink:

It has some kind of virtualization.

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That applies only to the manual sandbox.

does it autosandbox ALL unknown?