Avast 5.07 Beta released

Avast’s new version is out at last! ;D

It is very much Beta and a clean install is recommended.

I won’t give the link as it’s available to members of Avast’s forum only, so the link’s useless otherwise.

Anyone can view the avast forums, Don’t need to be registered ::stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, when I look at the ‘known bugs’ I get the feeling that this is still an alpha version. Anyway, it’s nice to see that Avast finally changed it’s GUI and I will certainly give this one a spin later!


Yah I looked at the known bugs… I won’t be using it. lol

Yes, sorry - I’d forgotten that it was like that (probably thinking that it was like Comodo’s Betas).

Same here, Kyle - atm it’s a ‘let the others wreck their PCs’ situation.

Avast’s Betas are often quite good - certainly useable - but this one is just too experimental for me.