Avast 5.0 - Firewall Included?

looks like 5.0 with have a built in firewall, for those of you who don’t know.

i hope you can disable it with 5.0.
im not giving up CFP (R)

EDIT: “there’s a plan to have a standalone AV, and a suite. If there’s going to be a standalone firewall as well has not yet been decided, but it is possible.”

I have never been one for suites. Stand alone programs are always better. Comodo 3.0 with HIPS and Avira Premium 8 is a very secure set up.

I heard some months ago that the Alwil team were working on a firewall. It’ll be interesting to see how good it is.
I like putting together a security arsenal rather than using a suite, as one company can’t offer the best in every protection sector. Putting all your security softwares in a suite without offering a stand-alone program of each software, is like putting to much stuff in a boat, sooner or later, it’ll sink to the bottom! This way, each company will continue doing what they’re best at.
Some companies, like Norton, try to save the ship before it’s beyond all help ;D


Actually, Norton 360 seems to have good Reviews. But it’s NOT for everyone, Only for home students & Grandmas. It’s too quite for me, and fails leak tests like you know what.

Atleast the hogging Memory issue is outta the way! ;D


I remember I got Norton Ghost included with the driver CD, and it made me unable to access the Internet, and caused several BSoD. I uninstalled it, and if it the drivers weren’t on the same CD, I would’ve thrown it away!
And yeah, Norton 360 really got good reviews 88)

“Norton 360 2.0 Killed My Computer”
“This product Sucks! With a capital “S”.”
“Wanted to love it, but I couldn’t”
“Do Not Install This”

Of course, that opinions are just from one site. But user reviews are far more honest than the ones done by magazines or download sites.


I’ve got the last version of Norton Ghost. I installed this program, i firmated my PC, i installed all updates from MS, all drivers and i did an image. Then i uninstalled NG. Now i have no problems. If i have got any problem, NG disc in CD drive and i reinstall my clean image,hehe.
I have no problems with it.
But i hate Norton AV.

I’m sticking with the full Comodo Arsenal once CAVS3 comes out, I hate limitations of free versions of things. Interesting stuff though.

Usually companies that branch from a product, (alwil and their avast! or pctools with spyware doctor) don’t hold up, and they should stick with their respective tools. I think avast! suite will be good malware protection wise, but I think the firewall module won’t be up to par. Yet the firewall might be good.

As regards to a suite, I also use layered protection, and don’t intend to change my set up anytime soon.

If Avast 5 does have a f/w I’d want to turn off that part and still use CFP.

considering the actual modular system used already in v4 i see no reason why fear …
either You like it and use it or just disable ‘firewall module’ …

An incremental update to the pre-release appears to have come out the other day. Currently running the 4.8.185 … Only just discovered it…

yea its the 4.8.1185 beta. i got it too :BNC

4.8.1169 is the official build out right now, 4.8.1178 is the pre-lease beta and .1185 is the beta v2.0

The same goes for Comodo. They should just stick to firewalls instead of trying to be everything with HIPS, antivirus, anti-buffer-overflow and god knows what else…