Avast 4.7.1098 and Comodo Firewall on XP-64 sp2

If Avast 4.7.1098 is running with Comodo Firewall the icons for Avast vanish from the systray. If I disable the Comodo firewall, enable the windows firewall, and reboot the main icon returns to the systray.

I am disabled, unable to work, so a free anti-virus is a real necessity. XP-64 makes it harder to find one, so any suggestions will be welcome.

Thank you,

R Bradley

just log out and in again, and you will get your icon back. That happens often that systray icons disappear when CFP is installed, happened already with 2.4. That’s no big deal, even when the icons don’t appear, the programs are running.

I did a complete uninstall on Avast, then with Comodo disabled, reinstalled Avast and everything was OK. After a few restarts to ensure everything was OK, I enabled Comodo and ‘all is well’ after numerous restarts!

I have hope it will stay that way.

R. Bradley

I would prefer that everything works as it should. It is a first indicator that something is wrong if the icons aren’t displayed.

Anyway it would appear it is working now.