Avast 2014 Released

Thanks for the link. Good to see that Avast is making such a progress. ;D :-TU

Anyone tried Avast AV Free 9.0 with Comodo Firewall 6.3 yet? Let us know :slight_smile:

They’ve added even more useless junk to Avast. I get happier all the time that I switched back to Comodo. On the positive side it does look like they’ve improved their zero day protection.

Do you mean they’ve added junk that is more useless than the pre-existing junk? ;D
Can you no longer choose not to install particular components?

if you read the avast forum it would appear the new release has many issues and bugs.

I’m not currently using Avast but if I was to, I’d wait until the 2nd or 3rd revision. Not because of the phenomenon you describe, which is,
a. common to most new software releases
b. no indication of how many installations there are with no apparent issues and bugs,
but because the issues and bugs will only be identified & fixed due to the phenomenon you describe.