Avant Browser will not work unless "Defense + Security Level" is set to disabled


I’m running Vista 64 bit, on a HP Pavilion.

I’ve successfully been using Avant browser for a long time, so not sure why the problem now, which started a week ago. I can launch the program, but at any CIS level other than “disabled”, the program will not accept keyboard or mouse commands. For the record, I’m using a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse (USB), but neither does the computer’s built in keyboard work.

I’ve tried adding this program to “MY OWN SAFE FILES”, and it appears, but still does not work, unless I disable the Defense + Security Level. MS IE works OK, but I don’t like. Orca Browser works OK, but I don’t like using it either.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried running Avant with D+ in Training Mode? If not, you might want to give it a shot. From what I understand, when D+ is in Training Mode, CIS will learn the actions from any program you run, i.e., keyboard and mouse commands.

IBadget, thanks for the suggestion: I have tried that, still Avant comes to halt and does nothing to get external pages.

Make sure to delete the pre-existing rules from comodo’s security policies.

Kyle, Not sure how to do that, but I’ll do a “help” search and see if I can figure it out.

Please check the following, open the CIS GUI, Defense+, Advanced, Computer Security Policy.
lookup the Avantbrowsers executable in the policy, double click it and select “Access Rights”
Check what the setting is for “Keyboard” it should not be set to Blocked !

If it still doesn’t work you can always select the avant browsers exe file on the computer security policy and press the remove button to remove it’s settings, now D+ has to relearn the rules for it of course.