av2009.exe problem

My very first question and hope to find a solution.

Compute info:
COMPAQ Presario 2500 notebook
windows xp pro service pack 3
Not on any network, single user.

I have a niggling issue with this av2009.exe, always appearing in Run at my registry folder.

I have tried everything to search and delete it.

Here how it goes…,

1.ccleaner finds it in registry check. It traces it to the Run section.
I can either delete the entry myself, or allow ccleaner to “fix it”, it gets deleted and re-apears again.

2.I do a search function for 2009.exe and search results show it’s in windows/program file folder.
Yet I go to the folder and nothing to be found.

I use SpyBot and it still does not get rid of it.

It’s a pesty thing, why it keeps reapearing aftwer I deleterr it from Run in regsitry myself has me baffled.

It is obviously ducking comodo.

  1. I did a sewrch in Google for 2009.exe and sure enough, it has a whole lot of pages on “how to” but most seem top lead to download this SDfix. I did that, it found nothing. But I am a bit reluctant at this stage to post my computer’s guts on a public forum due to SDfic “report”.

If I can avoid reporting it would be much appreciated.

I don’t have chats, I don’t do that much anyway, but do play alot of gammon uising gamonempire which is heavily leaned on advertising for free play.

So I hope the comodo experts can help with 2009.exe malware please.

If it is AV2009.exe you can follow the instructions here:

This usually works.

Thanks James, I’ll give that a try although I have read similar googles before, but was hoping to find instructions to remove all related registry entries and hidden instalations of this fake program manually.
If such instructions exist, would be much appreciated to be directed to them


Just a quick update
I followed instructions, downloaded PC tools spyware doctor, and I should have put a bet on it, cos it scanned, found “32 problems”, then it says “fix problems”,
BUT, must purchase blah blah
This is becoming the “oldest IT Trick” in the book.
Fancy that huh ? create an “unremovable pest”, and then create a “Pest Remover” , but ya gotta pay for it.

Tell ya what, I remove the fake pest remover instead, this is BS

try malwarebytes and superantispyware both are free and work great.

What instructions? Noone here said to download Spyware Doctor unless a post has been deleted?

Everything you find with Google is not necessarily helpful as you have found.

Malwarebytes was the program the instructions said to use and that is designed to remove the registry entries etc. safely for the problem you are reporting.

The Bleeping Computer instructions also included a list of files and reg entries if you want to try manual removal, you would need to enable show hidden files and folders. I am not suggesting you do that though.

Edit: BTW the Spyware Doctor you found is nothing to do with PC Tools. It is from the same scammers who gave you AV 2009.

Ok, ok, I give up
if it’s not one thing it’s the other, if it’s the other it many things. I am no IT guru.
I cannot argue my point for fear of being shot down…some of us are not blessed with computer literacy, same as a computewr literate geek is not blessed as a carpenter or mechanic, yet we all have a blessing.
Then the OLNY avebue is to voice the problem here and HOPE comodo team can fix it with their wondeful software I can trust and not have to spen all day downloadiong, instaling and uninstalling and still left witjh the same problem, and not less poorer at least.
If the smucks of the IT industry get their rocks off by creating misery and poverty by screwing the pc of others by fake stuff, then you are SICK !

I still have this niggling av2009.exe in registry, it comes back each time I delete iit. It is recuring.
The only clue I can offer now is a number it has
binary code in regedit is:
Value of reg entry is :
C:\Program Files\Antivirus 2009\av2009.exe

Hidden or unhidden, it only comes up in a windows search.
Is it driving me nuts ?


Hello 2wheels. Yes there are alot of Censored in the world… Alot of them you can find on the internet hiding behind their pc’s trying to scam off other unsuspecting people.

If you follow languy99’s above post then that should remove the problem your having and it should be relativly easy.

If you are really bummbed out then I offer my support over comodo VPN to remove the computer through desktop control. (For free… I’m not comodo staff)

I’m not trying to sell you anything, just sugesting that something you may be interested in is paying for comodo pro (39$) a year. Comodo would offer 24/7 365 support and would help you if ever you had problems with malware on your pc while using CIS, They can with your permission use remote assistance type software…

I have just downloaded that report prog. from mel’s thread. I am sure we will get to the bottom of this.

Sorry I didn’t help you.

Can anyone else see my posts?

No probs James, there will be many more oportunities and I hope to offer something positive back.
For now folks, I have stopped this recuring registry entry by deleting the Run follder !
I know it is not a proper “fix” but it will do till that generated report is analized by comodo team

The tool I use btw is CCleaner and it has not picked it up, therefore the av2009.exe obviously has not what it takes to create a Run folder in registry, I hope.

Just quick reply to closure, have not been online for a while, but will certainly use this product (COMODO) when back online, someday.