AV won't Scan my secondary Hard drive.

i recently wiped my computer and did a fresh install of Windows 7. i decided to try Comodo out on the word of a friend. i love this piece of software except for one thing:

it WON’T scan my secondary hard drive!!

my secondary drive is mainly a data drive. i put my music, docs, vids, games, etc. on this drive. even though it is just data, i like to be sure that my data is clean.

i tried upping the file size limit on in the settings, and i tried using the “My Computer” scan profile. i even set up my own custom scan profile where i only specified my E: drive! nothing works!

at most i can get a full scan of my C: drive but nothing else. when i made a scan profile specifically for my E: drive, all it did was scan <200 files on my C: drive and say scan complete!

please help me!

Have you tried a context scan? (Right click on D: and choose Comodo Antivirus). Also have your run the Diagnostics available from the Misc tab?

You also may want to check your Windows event viewer.

Hope this helps


actually, yes, i did do the context scan. it was the first scan i tried, and i still got only <200 files in the C: drive being scanned.

diagnostics reported no problems.

what is windows event viewer?

Edit: since the first context scan that i did, i regained control and ownership of my secondary HD, so now comodo is scanning correctly


It is where windows logs system, applications and security events. To view, right click on My Computer, choose manage, choose Event viewer.