AV Updating!

  1. Turn off automatic update for CIS AV - For people that use “pay as you go” Internet.
  2. Not to download the entire AV signature database when doing a AV update! Only update the new AV signatures and then do the merge on the client.


Hello Jakesp,

  1. If you disable the AV update on Real-Time, Manual and Scheduled scan it should not update.
  2. This is implemented only disabled on pattern updated before 771, after that reboot it should fallback to incremental updates.


Hi Ronnie

Well that answers my concern. I’m new to fairly new to CIS, so was not 100% aware of this, and just saw a large update go through and thought that this was the norm.

Not to be too pedantic, but maybe the “update settings” should be under its own button in the AV section of CIS. It would just make it a bit clearer for users.

Just a thought.



No problem asking, that’s the problem with a highly customizable tool like CIS.
It would be nice if they have a kind of simple/expert interface to have one option on av updates on the simple interface.

For as far as your questions are answered, i shall move this post to the help for AV board now.


Thank you.