AV Updates

Just a wee query re updates.
My last AV programme had at least 2 updates daily, sometimes more. I notice it can take upto 15 mins from booting up for the daily update to install. Can someone please inform/advise me if this is to be the norm when full product is launched. I feel there is a vunerability in both the install delay and frequency of updates.



CAVS currently checks for updates every 15 minues. It has been suggested to Comodo that an automatic update check become part of the installation process. Whether this gets done is up to the developers.

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Anyway, I wouldn’t consider the frequency as low. It’s quite the opposite with at least one daily update, sometimes more I think. A lots of signatures included, last time I checked one update included 55 signatures. I can’t see any noticeable hazard in that 15 minutes delay either, but of course, it wouldn’t hurt if this time was decreased. At least it’s always possible to perform a manual update as soon as one has booted.


I agree, CAVS checking for updates every 15 minutes is certainly adequate and I suspect as the virus database becomes larger there will be more updates during these 15 minute checks rather that one big update every day.


Thanks for replies.
It was more of a curiosity for the future than a major ‘now’ problem.


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