AV update not working

There have been so many post covering this topic and this issue has been going on for months.

When is this going to be resolved!!!

I’m starting to question if I should leave my online security in the hands of this company, if a simple issue like this is taking months to rectify!!!

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Did you read and tried all the possible solutions in these threads?:



Yip, tried it all.

Uninstalled CIS, Cleaned my registry, reinstalled CIS, checked that the settings are correct and … nothing!

It gets to 30% and the fails.

I have a growing concern about this.

Can you check the follwing:

The filesize of the c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\repair\bases.cav ?
This should be 13.032.912 bytes / size on disk = 13.033.472 bytes

The filesize of the c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\scanners\bases.cav ?

Have you tried copying the this file from the repair folder to the scanners folder in safe mode ?

You say it’s goes to 30% and then it fails, what is the error message you get when it fails ?

What kind and speed internet connection are you using ?

Size - 12.4 MB (13,032,912 bytes)
Size on disk - 12.4 MB (13,033,472 bytes)

Internet connection speed - 4MB connection unshaped.

Did the copy over, and the error message I get - Failed to update the virus signature database.

So bandwidth enough, can you startup without a network connection and check if the About box shows a database version ? or does that still show 0 ?

Do you use anything that could interfere with this traffic ?
RealTime AV like Avast Webscanner ? Proxy Software ?

Hi Ronny

I get a version number of 771 now.

I don’t run anything other than BOClean and CIS as continues monitoring processes on my system. When I run the update, I still get same error. If this is the latest signature, I would expected a different response message when trying to do the update.

I do go through a proxy, but I also have a direct connection via my 3G card (speed 7.2MB) which I have tried as well.

One thing that has been worrying me, I do run ie7pro (http://www.ie7pro.com) which has got a proxy switcher built in. I have tried setting / unsetting the proxy directly within ie7 and tried the update with the two different internet connections. But still same answer.

My system is up-to-date will Microsoft updates. I’m running WinXP service pack 3, and the CIS version ****.439

Hope this helps

Strange mine gives me 668 from the default install anyway.
If it’s already updated to 771 you should be able to reboot and update after that.

Have you tried also to disable the proxy using the IE7Pro settings, I’ve tested that and it does not show up in the IE connection settings regardless if you have set IE7Pro proxy or not.

Sorry about my delayed response… but it seems to be working now… eventually.

After I restarted my machine, the update goes through. Will have to wait to get back to the office, to test it behind the proxy though.

Thank you

I’m working on an other problem with proxy updates also, do you happen to run authenticated proxy connections ?
or is it just proxyserver:portnumber ?

Hi Ronnie

We use MS ISA server at the moment, that uses Active Directory to get the user list. So in other words, we are authenticated when we login to the domain.

domain\user password



I’m afraid/not sure if this is going to work on the AV update.

Do you know how to handle a sniffer tool ? i guess CIS av updates are denied by the ISA server.
Or maybe you can try to ask the admin if he sees authentication failures coming from you machine.

AV Updates not working again :-\

Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32 bit
UAC is set to elevate without prompting
Internet connection is working
See the pic for more details.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Here it updated from 859 to 866. But the download took a very long time. Maybe yours timed out?

Yeap. Finally after 10 minutes the download is complete and now I’m on 866 :-TU Still it’s not very reasuring

Just to let you know, the update does not work through the proxy. I’m on 859.

Update fails.

Can you ask the Admin ?

Nothing is being denied on the ISA server from an administration point of view, with regards to Comodo.com. I take it that the update is done via HTTP and not some other protocol.

Usually when we try to access a website that has been denied, we get the following error message:

Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). (12202)

I am able to access the files directly through the browser but not via the CIS application.

Please let me know what information you require that could be useful in your investigation.



Can you check if you run the update manually that it actually logs requests to
It should also load a redirect to an other download server near your location.