AV update hogging CPU cycles - 67% to 100% on 4 ghz machine !!!

Your AV signature updating function is hogging CPU cycles to the exclusion of all other processes while downloading signatures and installing on a dial-up connection… :o

We have now tested this on six different machines… all 3.7Ghz+ … one freezes completely during Comodo AV signature updates… the other five freeze periodically for varying lengths of time during the update…

Get with it, guys… The forums are full of folks howling about scan stalls… This is the cause…

In the mean time… dial-up users need a way to download and save the “incremental” AV signature updates separately from Comodo’s automatic update function…

Even Windows offers an “Administrative” option for updates… ??? ???


I am locking this topic since you already posted here and this is not really a bug for now.

I also apologize for the delay in replies. I will get a moderator to reply to your original thread soon.