AV update broke again

I’ve had the AV update working for a wile now , but from Yesterday it stoped working. Have not changed any settings or providers. I do think this is something changed by comodo at their server. Please advice.

Hello, what version is your Virus database? and what version of CIS are you using?

AV Version : 626 (Last update 28 November 2008)
CIS Version : 3.5.53810.432

All updates worked untill Friday and then it stoped working.

Hey Ghostza, My database is version 669. Have you tried a reinstall?

I’m now also on 669 - Had to change the download location in the registry from “download.comodo.com” to downloads.comodo.com" . Someone have added and “s” .

Thanks Ghostza I have been battling with this issue for a while now and this is the first thing that has helped. All this trouble for the sake of an “S”.