av up to snuff?

I read about the AV when it first came out and now I was wondering if it is as good as the other free av’s out there?

Welcome to the Forum, FireStarer.

The AV has come a remarkable distance since it first came out. Currently, IMHO, it is comparable with other AV’s (free and otherwise) out there in Internet land. I also [personally] believe it will be the top AV with the v4 release later this year.

I trust it enough to use it as my main AV solution. I do run on demand scans from other products, but that is just for a second opinion. I’ve yet to see any proof on my machine that Comodo isn’t up to the task.

Oh HeffeD Can you give me the names of some of the on demand scanners? I could use some of those.

Bitdefender? :-La
or you can install avira-antivir & avast and then deactivate their realtime protection :-La

I have Avira Antivir Personal, Avast, A-Squared Free, SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware installed. (All free versions) I do two weekly on demand scans in addition to my weekly Comodo scan. I rotate through the on demand scanners so only two of them will be used in a week, then the next week, two different ones.

As Lt.ganda said, just make sure you disable any real-time protection any of the other applications may have to ensure you don’t run into any compatibility issues.

hmmm sounds like a plan