AV-Test Product Review and Certification Report - 2010/Q2

Av is not obsolete. but stand alone Av is obsolete.today no one makes stand alone Avs, they are including real time protection or some thing equal to that.so in the present scenario if you are believing that you are installing an antivirus package you are mistaken…its not an antivirus pacakge alone they are including real time or heuristic analysis tool along with that.hence my point is what comodo believes is true and the only difference between comodo and other av companies is that comodo is saying it loud… and making it free for anyone.

really looking forward to see comodo in av-comparatives and av-test

Heuristics and realtime are part of an av package. It’s simple the same technology.

HIPS BB and whit listing are apart from that.

I think if to take languy99 and Jaci, it will turn out the best testing organization ;D

Only them to force it is necessary to work… :slight_smile: Both smart guys.

PS: im create name - “Comodo Mortal Combat Testing Group” with best regards somthink like “Fllowers victory” ;D. But seriosle - why not…