AV-Test Product Review and Certification Report - 2010/Q2


And no, as usual Comodo has not been tested.

Go Comodo, go!



Maybe next year :-\

Or maybe not, we are still waiting Comodo to be tested by AV-Comparatives…

In fact we’ve read they will be tested in next round.

They already said that before the last round…

Sorry, I’m new here and didn’t follow the earlier promise…

Good Hear that.

When I saw AVG on top, I laughed–considering they have one of the worst track records in history.

Seriously? AVG is not bad. I’m talking about IS.
Look at languy’s film about AVG 2011 beta.

The last round of testing was already ongoing when Comodo applied.If the next round comes and goes without an appearance then questions may be asked.

I’ve personally seen the results of a private test performed by AV-C upon a much inferior CAV some time ago and the results were not so bad even then.I’ve no reason to believe that a full-suite test incorporating D+,behaviour blocker,sandbox,etc. won’t show Comodo doing well.

As for FPs once the full cloud architecture is rolled out there’s every reason to expect vast improvement.On my system,running the old AV would result in a lot of FPs,running the current Beta I’ve seen only a couple and they were on largely unknown security tools which could well be used maliciously.

If i remember correct AV-C tests only antivirus and not full suites (they test kav and not kis for instance).

Only av. They will test CAV not CIS. Like they test avast not AIS.

The FP will be tested, probably, by an on demand scanning. They won’t wait for the clould results… If CAV detected it as FP, it will be marked as so by av-comparatives.

if they are only testing Av then i think there is no point in testing CIS or CAV, i strongly believe that no anti virus stand alone packages are capable enough to give protection against zero day threats and CIS should be tested in its entirety to know its effectiveness unless and otherwise testing CAV is equal to test a car Tyre to know the acceleration timings of the car.

No antivirus can detect 100% but detection of 99% is much better than 95%. I want to use the best AV with CIS because i think that AV component is important. If somebody allows some malware file in D+ pop up there are much more chances that better AV will catch it than if you use some trash AV.

+1 Although, I don’t think CAV is trash :slight_smile:

Neither do I, because i use CIS complete :slight_smile:

I just don’t understand people who think that AV is obsolete and no need to use it at all. I know that it’s a popular belief among hardcore Comodo fans but with such an ideology Comodo never will be in top 10 of most popular security products.

Because for 99% of users the most important thing is av detection (that’s how they choose the security suite, also some herd instinct works and if many use it other begin to switch to this security software too). they hardly ever heard about hips or behavior blocker and will be confronted with terrible dilemmas of answering hips pop ups that inevitably lead to wrong answers and infection of the system