AV-test.org issues latest figures

Here is another new test of av’s. Note. They are listed alphabetically. Not by score. NOD32 beating out KAV but the 2 of them are still very close.

The test was done on 13 th March - at that time there where no Kaspersky 2009 :slight_smile: Furthermore - these results look mixed up like hell ! ;D Panda, Norton rules there. ;D

Kaspersky got a + in cleaning, Avast O - though G-DATA (including both of these engines) a - ;D

eTrust got ++ for cleaning ? Shoot me in face from a point blank range with a 12 G shotgun - I don’t believe it ! ;D
And Microsoft too ? Plus Norton ;D Something smells fishy here :-X

One more thing - ClamAV got ++ in response time (but – in detection) ;D You mean - they release hourly updates, but still don’t have acceptable detection rates ;D OMG !


LOL. I didn’t look that deeply into it. I just saw it.

I think G-DATA only uses the scan engine.

How can Norton get ‘++’ in ‘cleaning’, when they can’t even remove their own products properly? ;D

But Avira seems to keep the leading position in detection rates :BNC

LoL, Good one. (:LGH)