AV-Test 2011/Q1 - for Windows 7

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I want to see tests of that format.

Middling. And honestly, to each his own.

Because COMODO didn’t ask to be tested.

They have many different tests.

They make good, scientific explanations, while we can’t say the same thing about av-test.org.

Biased isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the certification is at their discretion.
But, you gotta wonder their flawed system.
CIS doesn’t get certified and yet, people use CIS and they basically never get infected, right? ;D

Agree. ;D
I’ve seen a lot of my friend use N product and infected a lot of Rootkit.

People fail to realize how important usability is in a security product.

Example: A lucky average user manages to identify his security software as the reason that his PDF file fails to print. He then deactivates the protection and prints. He does that every time he has to print. Sooner or later he’ll forget to re-enable it. And he’ll be vulnerable.