AV-Test 2011/Q1 - for Windows 7

2011/Q1 - Windows 7


You have to reach 11/18

COMODO is 10.5/18

They assign “usability” points to certify what they want… example


Protection → less than COMODO
Repair → less than COMODO
Usability (their subjective concept of usability) → much more than COMODO

COMODO (better protection, better repair) → NOT certified
Avast (worse protection, worse repair) → certified

av-test.org = bullshi*t

Also, in their tests, AVG is always one of the best… in the av-comparatives tests, AVG is one of the worst… and av-comparatives is much more scientific

Dynamic Test CIS = 100 %


I don’t get it how CIS is not certified… 88)
Makes no sense!

With all due respect but this is test from april 2011 and it is nothing new. ???

@ GakunGak
CIS is not certified because it must have 12 points out of 18. CIS have 10,5.
That how av-test gives certification. :-\

MSE, inferior and heavy, to be certified and not CIS?!

You know what? I will start making me my own site and start making PDF’s with my opinions and that will be the proof. ;D


Can I do it with You, please, please, please … :wink: :smiley: ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I will do my best tonight :smiley:

Yeah sure no problem, I could do that :slight_smile: Just need to figure out methodology, rating system and of course,
youtube uploads… :slight_smile:
Can’t test without proof, right :wink:
I would need someone who’s good with math and graphics designer :-TU

Why is not comodo included in the “more scientific” AV-COMPARATIVES?

BTW it’s a good idea if a profi like you will make such reviews. The only thing is necessary is the ground of opinions. Not like AV-Test’s vague parameters but really grounded. And if you do it on a monthly or quarterly base it won’t take much of your time. I would refer to such Gakun-Test very seriously. Even ready to be a Gakun-test helper. ;D

I think, av-comparatives test only on-demand, Defense+ is not relevant

Bump! Then is not that scientific.
Isnt it there any company that test suites for real protection, instead of making crazy certifications and testing only on-demand… when in realy life you need protection with many layers of security?

If a new company araises and makes test of suites with their full layers of protection (no matter what this layer do and how they do it as long they really protect like CIS), then this company is going to be reliable on the results… because you dont need only a AV now these days.

I agree. They make very vague explanations of their procedures. So we can only guess of what’s happening.

Yes. We even cannot say if its only detect test. They just don’t explain procedures of their tests.

You can!
I need to know what people want, comparison test 20av’s, versus test A vs B; or single test…

I plan to do separate:
1: Detection
2: Cleaning
3: Usability
4: Ease of Use

I would also want to do how programs slow down a virtual machine… And when installing does it pops up messages or something.

As for detection/cleaning, first I would like to see it on DEFAULT, then MAXIMUM security, then with cloud/internet and then without…
Equal testing for all… Means ALL defense measures come into play, like HIPS, virtualisation etc…
Also, RECOMMENDATIONS from the program itself will play a huge part. I will play like a newbie with no knowledge and take what a program is recommending me to do.
One thing I won’t do is CCleanering after infection. I want to take traces into account as well as files sitting in TEMP, but it will be counted separately.
I am unsure if I will have some sort of rating [Gold, Silver, Platinum] or not. Generally it’s a bad idea, but then again…
And reports in PDF would have results first, comments later for those not patient! :slight_smile:
Also I would need graphics, something nice…
Up to 20 would be tested, popular ones like Symantec, Kaspersky, Avira, Avast, GData, Eset, Emsisoft…

To check if it removed all traces, the following tools will scan the system:
1: HitmanPro
2: Malwarebytes
3: TrendMicro Housecall
4: Emsisoft Emergency Toolkit
CCE might come into play, but I want to learn about it as much as I possibly can!
And no viruses during scanning of those tools will get erased.
Now… Do you want music or voice? My speaking English is rusty but I can give it all I’ve got!
Or Microsoft Sam! ;D

This is for sure !ot! but remember that I was first to help GakunGak. :wink:

Sorry , a little dynamic-test



A manual test is a lot of work

Guise, everybody’s welcome :slight_smile:
But we need to think this thru, see who does what and to see it all goes nice and smooth :-TU
It WILL take a lot of work but if we compartmentalize the process, it might be more efficient…
I want this to be a little more than malwaredomainlist youtube test… :slight_smile:
EDIT: I will take time to read:

That way it will be widely accepted :-TU


Where’s Comodo?

That’s interesting. How to help? I ain’t any tech. BTW if you use the tests on your website it will give it good plus.

Well, In my opinion manual test should be included.
After all, humans are the ones that use PCs with the protection suites installed; not some dynamic robot sitting in front of my PC now… ;D

I believe GakunGak is more close to the type of tests/results people want to see.