AV stops scanning

then it stopped on Documents\Settings\Start Up\Menu.zip. I tried to close it down but would not close, then a window came up (Stop Failed.Error Code 0x80070006) what causes this and what can I do to stop it happening again ??? Many thanks.

Ensure you are running the latest version of CIS, but be careful if running XP sp3 as there are reports that the latest version (3.13) has issues with that OS in particular.

You may also want to include a bit more details, such as OS, other security software running etc. Also this Menu.zip, is it encrypted?

Hope this helps


hi, I’m a developer in comodo, and we found this issue related with CPU, so
pls give me your email address through by email (my email: leey@comodo.com) ,
and we could send test tool for addresssing this issue,

I am having the same problem since the update to CIS downloaded this morning. What can I do>

Hi everyone, many thanks for your time and effort. Do not know if Menu.Zip is encrypted.
Will send Email to you Leey. Funny thing the CPU usage did come up on task bar.
I have XP Pro. Superspyware, Spybot, Adware,Malware.Not lomg ago I updated Comodo how often should you do this, I have the free one. Really appreciate the help. :wink: