AV scanner??

Hi, I have installed, twice, your scanner… It dosen’t seem to actually do anything.

Here is the error message I get. (See attachment) Well, I guess the attachment thing dosen’t work either. So here’s the text:

Unhandeled exception! Exp Code: 0xC0000005 ExpFlags: 0 ExpAddress: 0X00410E3C Please Report!

Any clues?


Updated… After a few more installs I have found that it is the update process that is destroying the scanners ability to load. For now I have turned of the auto update capability. Is there a known work around for this condition? Anyone home??/


As an update: 8/1/06… I have had the system exhibit a few more burps… the email scanner system on first use caused a spontaneous reboot without warning, a first ever for my computer. My trouble shooting method while hardly scientific did seem to work. I simply turned off the various options until the email scanner did work. Then after a period oif time I returned all the settings to the page defaults. I auto updated today without any problems.

All in all the AV and Firewall seem to be working nicely. I can’t explain the vodoo like behaviour of these programs. I guess that’s a trade secret? ;D


I am curious, what other security software you are using?

Hi, I am also using SpyBot and A Squared, neither of which runs any resident programs ( on demand scanning only). You think that might have some influence?



It seems you are not the only one with this problem. The latest update seems to have caused this.


Can you email support@comodogroup.com and explain your problem.


Mike, that link goes to the general forum and discusses Comodo Wallpaper.

I have had CAV installed for a few weeks, and it does update itself automatically. I have not had any issues like this. Was the issue experienced with a newer “base” install file, or after auto-updates?

Oops, sorry I posted the wrong link ::slight_smile:

This (hopefully) is the correct one:


I think the issue was caused after an automatic-update, but I can’t find the thread I got this information from.