AV scanner slow?

Is it just me, or is the AV scanner really causing a serious slow down of the entire system, ever since the major update to the AV component a few weeks ago?

Starting programs, opening folders, etc., nothing is like it used to be. It’s just not funny any more. ???

There does seem to be a problem. Check out this thread.

There are several reports about this. I am not suffering from locks ups that seem to have no reason.

On my system with older hardware it tends to choke Explorer when opening a folder with lots of files like system 32 or my folder with software downloads (installers and archives are quite a challenge for AV’s; not just for Comodo; I have seen it happen with AVG 8.x and 9.x).

I noticed that changing the AV from Stateful to on access makes things manageable. The CPU usage is high but doesn’t choke navigation in Explorer anymore.

It looks like stateful inspection may be playing a role. Who of you has set the AV to Stateful? Can you see what happens when you change the AV setting to On access?


I usually have mine set to On Access. I tried Stateful, but it didn’t produce a noticeable difference.

I have an older machine:

1400 MHz AMD Athlon
1gb Ram
WinXP Pro XP3 32 bit

Had mine set to state full V3.13.xxxxxx.581 and tonight around 6:00 EST I had lockups continuously so I Revo uninstalled CIS V3, pity :cry: My system is zippy now, it’ll be awhile before CIS finds it way back to my computer, and I never did get a straight forward reply to my bug post concerning CIS V4 on the 4th page of CIS V4 bug reports concerning the next installer, so :-* goodbye for next several weeks possibly months…
Xman :-TD

You can still use CIS V3, just uninstall the AV. The firewall and D+ along with Avira Antivir Personal works great.

I can confirm this issue: my computer slows down (almost to a halt) when opening word 2002, excel 2002, IE tabs, and some folders when the Comodo AV is enabled (stateful or on access). As soon as I turn off AV, the computer speeds along just fine. What’s the deal?

XP home SP3 32 bit
CIS 3.13.126709.581
Superantispyware real time
Microscoft office 2002 SP3

Boy oh boy, what is going? Up until yesterday, there was no problem with Autohotkey, but now CIS almost won’t stop scanning (manual or otherwise). Download the zip file and see for yourself: AutoHotkey Downloads

The scan took over 2 minutes here. That’s unacceptable, I’ll disable the AV for now.

Odd .581 database 3655 Windows 7


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two minutes and sixteen seconds.

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I’m now running Comodo Firewall only V3.13.xxxxxx.581 with D+ Proactive, Sandboxie V3.42 and Avira Personal V9 with SuperAntispyware V4.33.1000 till Comodo gets their act together with CIS V4 88)
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I guess I need to reply to this as well.

So Yes, I do also see slowdowns here and there, one example is CCleaner sometimes when I open it up it can take almost 20 seconds to open that small program. But before it always took like 1-2 seconds.

That’s one example but i’m sure there’s more :-\

Yes, it’s getting worse. Now my Thunderbird 3.0.1 takes an incredibly long time to open. I don’t have tons of email stored (something like 10 messages), so CAV doesn’t have large email files to scan… ???

Let me add my voice to the concerned. I have noticed a considerable slow down opening various programs. In addition to the MS Office (I’m using version 7), Quicken deluxe 2010 opens very slowly with COMODO AV running and opens almost instantly when it is turned off. I am running XP SP3 fully updated. This has been happening for a number of days. We need to hear that this is a high priority and something is being done and when a fix is expected to be implemented.

My folder where I store Installation files now sometimes takes a long time to open and show the proper icons for those files. Sometimes it completely locks up explorer and I lose my taskbar. This never happened before the release of the new base for the AV DB. When I first updated to 3.13 everything was fine. I may have to uninstall the AV and try out the new Avast 5.

Someone in authority has already mentioned that a fix is delayed because they’re busy working on both the beta of version 4 as well as version 3.

Not sure why the public release doesn’t take precedence over a product that is only in beta… 88)

The only solution that works for me is to completely turn off the AV. Then everything is fine. Changing the setting of the AV causes explorer to lock up and my taskbar disappears making me have to do a hard reset. I have discovered that the problem only occurs when opening folders containing .exe files. The more .exe files there are, the worse the problem gets. I think I’m going to have to uninstall CAV and try the new Avast until this gets fixed. This is the first real problem I have ever had with CAV and it’s only since the release of the new base for the DB.


I have the same issue. So i tested every file from the archive individually and it seems that the problem comes from the file Autohotkey.exe : the scan takes 2’13" for this 240 Kb little file.

In the first attached pic (scan in progress), you can see in the “status” line : C:\windows\system32\nbt.sys. But this file doesn’t exist on my system.

My system : Windows XP 32 SP3 - CIS 3.13…581 - DB 3694

Sorry for my bad English

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That happens here as well.

I have disabled the AV scanner for now. The way it functions at the moment, it is unusable.