AV Scanner reports unscannable encrypted file as "scanned"

When scanning a ZIP archive with 2 files, one of which is encrypted, Anti-Virus reports 2 files scanned, even though one of them is unscannable. This is misleading and possibly dangerous. The GUI should also report (and warn on) the number of objects that couldn’t be scanned; e.g.,

Total Objects Processed: 2 Total Objects Scanned: 1 [b]Total Object Unable to be Scanned: 1[/b] Total Threats Found: 0 [b]Warning: Not all objects could be scanned! Click [u]Help[/u] for how to fix this problem.[/b]

This would also apply to scanning a file system where the scanner is unable to read file(s) or where file(s) are encrypted.


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It did not scan encrypted file, the two files counted are archive file itself and not encrypted file inside.
Please post your suggestion about additional scan result details in the wish-list.

There’s no way for the user to know that – the report is dangerously misleading – thus (and with all due respect), while I have no problem with also making this a Wish, I still think it’s a serious bug.