AV-Scanner freezes system for 4 minutes after restart

It took me quite a while to figure out what was going on. Nothing was possible after boot, not even bringing up the task manager with str. alt. del. I have a brand new and fast PC and no other AV installed. I renamed the CIS directory and then it booted OK. I reinstalled CIS. First it seemed to work but after the automatic update (shovels >100MBs of data on the PC!) the same thing happened: Nothing possible for about 4-5 minutes! After this time working was possible kind of normally but with some annoing slowdowns, as reported by other users. Now I have the AV deactivated and the system runs smoothely, even with another realtime AV scanner.
Hopefully, the AV engine will be improved in the future. I would like to run a all-in-one application.

So it’s not my old laptop only… :-\ The funny thing is, my mini laptop copes quite well with this problem. Maybe hyperthreading really works! But I think most of the users are getting fed up with the AV problems. It seems that every update only makes things worse.

Try updating to the latest AV database and see if the problem reoccurs or not.

There was a problem with one of the generic signatures that caused problems on some computer. That was fixed with database 3715.

Let us know.

Yes, it works! Everything runs smoothely as before. Thanks for fixing that so quickly!

Sorry for using your topic, but i’m having this problem too.
Tried reinstalling CIS last night (2010-02-01) and after updating the AV and rebooting, my computer freezes just like said on the opening post. Removing the AV in safe mode solves it, but i would like to use the full CIS. What should i do?

Install the AV again and when it stalls again try Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

Well… I reinstalled CIS, rebooted, updated the AV (without manual copying the base.cav), rebooted again and… my pc locked up again.
BUUUUUUUUT now i decided to wait, and wait, and wait, looking at my frozen windows screen.
After about 5 minutes of waiting, the screen had a single frame update, the xp task manager performance graphic just did a jump and then the pc locked up again. And i waited 5 more minutes.

Surprise, a CIS AV screen popup just jumped in the center of the screen and everything started to work! :o
A strange behavior, but with a happy ending. So if anybody reading this had the same problem, just try to wait a couple of minutes and maybe CIS will come back to life again!

Anyway, thanks EricJH!

Are you on an older computer?

It’s an Core 2 Duo (E6400) with 2gb of ram. Not too old, and i was with the task manager open, when the pc unfrozed the cpu usage was not too high: ~30%; and only 300mb of ram was beeing used.