AV scan stops early.

I’ve noticed that when running a scan and the AV appears to see an update for itself it stops the scan early. You do the manual update. Then you redo the scans and it runs the proper duration. Is this normal? Thanks

Try setting the AV to automatically update the database before scanning.

That’s done and it checks. I guess I notice because when I run the AV scan I’m doing other stuff at the desk or watching TV and see the scan stop. It might be at 5 min or 12 min.into the scan. I immediately update and there’s an update waiting. I start the scan and it runs to complete at about 18min. Normal for me. This stopping might be normal when an update is waiting?

Stopped today at 2 minutes, manually updated. Ran in total 18min. I’m guessing normal ??

Interesting finding. I am currently letting CIS scan my computer with 3 HD’s. That may be long enough to catch another av update (currently using db 1993). I am curious to see if the scan stops because there is an av update.

I think I can confirm. I had the AV run and after 1,5 hrs it had stopped. That is premature if I let it scan 3 hd’s. I noticed it had updated to database 1994.

Are there more people who see this kind of behaviour?

I had it happen on a scheduled scan. Stopped after 3 min due to a update it knew was waiting. I couldn’t be the only one. It means a lot of scans aren’t being completed. Unless I have a virus I don’t know about. Although after the update everything runs fine!

More news. Tried to invoke the behaviour on my “sleeping” Vista and XP installations. I first tried to run the scan immediately after boot before the auto update starts. I also made sure to set the AV not to update before start of the manual scan. That didn’t work. After 20 min I tried to manual update but it refused.

I was lucky after this. Let it run and after 21k+ files it had stopped and saw the balloon telling the av was updated. Ran another scan. After 35k+ it stopped and again I saw the balloon telling the av was updated.

It looks like we found a bug. I will wait a day to see if we can get some more confirmation and will then move it to the bugs board.

Thanks Eric. for not giving up.

I moved the topic to the bugs board. Please post the bug in the topic mentioned here: https://forums.comodo.com/anti_virus_bugs/please_dont_post_cis_310_bugs_he_read_this_first-t42119.0.html . Don’t forget to follow the guidelines on how to submit a bug.

Thanks in advance

I have a weekly scan that had run for over 4 hours & it is stuck on the one file. I don’t know how long it had been stuck as I was away but I watched it for over 15 minutes on one .dll file. I was unable to stop the scan & finally had to restart my PC. This has happened the last 2 times I’ve run this scan.