AV Scan Profiles

First the machine: I am running CIS 2011 Pro on a laptop running win 7 business x64 on an i7 720, 8GB DDR3 1333, Nvidia GTS 360M 1GB. (Older now but top of the line when i bought it)

The Issue: No matter how i set up any scan profile it always scans the entire C: drive!

does anyone else have this issue? on x64 or x86? perhaps its an issue with the way win 7 x64 runs CIS? ???

Works fine on my x86 machine.

You don’t by chance have it set to scan memory on start do you? This can give the impression that it’s scanning more than you’ve defined in your profile because you’ll see it scanning .dll’s from various directories all over your hard drive.

Edit: Typo…

Negative, i do not have “scan memory on start” enabled. It literally scans the entire hard drive and any external HHDs i have connected to the system as well.

I also don’t get any scan progress/results window when i perform a right click scan. maybe the two issues are somehow related?

Downloading and reinstalling CIS clean isn’t really an option because i am currently deployed in Afghanistan.
:-TU Even though i can get Norton and McAffe free via DoD i have always preferred Comodo. been using Comodo since CFP/CAV v2. (yes CFP v2 not CIS v2) :-TU

Just some thoughts not sure if they will be of any assistance, but I thought they be worth a mention.
Have you tried running diagnostics from within CIS GUI more section?
Could their be any possible conflicting software like other avs?
Did all your previous avs uninstall cleanly?
Is their any issues showing in Win action centre?
I hope a solution is near for you and Kind regards.

CIS Diagnostics find nothing.
No other AVs are installed (i only use malwarebytes to remove viruses not prevent*).
I do a clean install of windows about every 6 months just because of all the just that piles up on it so no previous CIS/CFP/CAV was installed prior to this install.
Nothing in the win action center (other then the norm**).
Even the event log was comodo clean.

  • i haven’t had to use malwarebytes yet so no conflicts possible.
    ** i turn off a lot of the “User Protection” features of windows as they only slow me down (User Account Control).

Just finished redownloading the CIS installer, will reinstall tonight and repost results.
planning on using revo uninstaller unless anyone knows of a better uninstaller to clean up after comodo?

Revo uninstaller couldn’t find comodo cis so i uninstalled it like normal. any suggestions on what to use to make sure its comodo free before i reinstall?

You can try using the cleanup tool from here.