AV quarantining a file it should not.

This is for the developers,
I am new to the forum but I have been using Comodo CIS for a long while now.
The thing that annoys me most with CIS and with other Internet securities in general is that when they pick up a program as a potential thread they NEVER Give you a choice what to do with it. They automatically quarantee it.

I am downloading this program off U-torrent and I know its safe (have been using it for a long time). COmodo CIS will NOT let me execute it and as soon as I try, it will quarantee it and it will disappear from the folder it was in.

Now the thing that annoys me no matter what I Do I cannot TELL COMODO CIS that it is SAFE!! There is NO SUCH OPTION in the AV section. I went to DEFENCE+ section and I added on the TRUSTED FILES and still I cannot access it. (The quarantined items windows is useless as when you click RESTORE and try and execute the program it will Quarantee it again!!)

Everytime it is the same story. I am sorry but such Internet securities are build to annoy the ■■■■ out of the user instead of work-with-the-user. I have spend half an hour to figure out how to do it.

Developers: Its easy have a little pop up windows with 4 choices
“WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO?” 1.Clean 2.Quarantee 3.Ignore 4. Add to Trusted

Apologies for the capitalisation I am in a bit of a rage at the moment and blood is boiling … :azn:


Changed your all caps title to a more informative one. Eric

Uncheck “Do not show antivirus alerts” option in Antivirus->Scanner Settings.

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The red virus alert pop-up should give you two options: Geek-buddy and let me do it to it.

For the latter option: there are two choices, i.e., 1) clean and 2) ignore

For 2), there are several options, e.g. allow once, submit false positive to Comodo, etc.

That should be good to go. However, all that notwithstanding and what not, you could allways exclude the prollem child in scanner settings.

The prollem could also be false shell-code injection detection. If none of the above works: put the stinkin’ thing into D+ Settings, Execution Control, exclusions.