AV Option to toggle Context Menu Item

I know, I know ;D - The community requested to put in the context menu item for comodo AV scan, but could you also provide an option in Antivirus → Sacnner settings or Miscelaneous settings to toggle this item - I know I can disable it using hxxp://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html or similar, but it is better from an Application Developer point of view to provide this option.

Additonally if the AV is disabled, as it’s currently done, there is no need to disable this feature if implemented, as that will give an On Demand scan.

Does anyone know if the current beta 3.8 includes this option ?

If not could the Dev’s implement this please since its a very easy option to provide and would give a lot of benefits to users who want the AV but do not want to bloat their context menu.


Current CIS 3.8 doesn’t include this option, hopefully will be there in 4.0


That should be made mandatory for all apps that put stuff in there :wink: