AV option: Prevent computer from going in standby when a manual scan is running

If your computer is configured to go in standby mode after a certain amount of idle time, this will happen even if a manual scan with CIS is being performed. The scan will then continue when the computer is turned on again. Therefore you cannot run a scan while being away from the computer, unless you deactivate that option every time.

My proposal is therefore: Make an option that prevents the computer from going in standby, when a manual scan is performed.

I didn’t know this, but I believe you!

Absolutely. I wonder if Bill Gates knows that because of his software’s incredibly aggressive Sleep modes, particularly with new Windows 7, more users are just giving-up and turning-off Sleep and Hibernate than ever before.


I don’t use standby/sleep modes myself but I can see your suggestion being useful for those that do, so I voted yes. I think an option in windows itself to prevent standby during system activity could be needed. This maybe hard to incorporate into CIS. I found some reading at the link below.
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Your link is broken, when I press it all I see is an empty page. Can you please repost the link?

Apologies for that. I have tried it every way I can think of even going back to IE to try it and can’t get it back. I will keep looking. Sorry it is now not working. If I find it or similar I will repost it.


Don’t worry :wink:

It seems that this is a general problem. Comodo would just have to implement a “user activity flag” while scanning, in order to prevent windows from going to sleep.

Hi Spasserfan. I just thought I would let you know the link in question is working here now, either a Mod fixed it or it returned on their end. Kind regards.

C’mon COMODO this would be trivial for y’all to fix, let’s get with it already.

In the meantime, my workaround is ridiculously ugly:

  1. Set a Scheduled Task to wake the PC 5 minutes in advance of COMODO’s AV Scan scheduled time.

  2. From that Scheduled Task, call a WakeforAV.cmd with powercfg commands therein to change the settings to “never sleep”

  3. Assert ANOTHER Scheduled Task two hours later (enough time for my scans anyway) which calls a RestoreSleep.cmd and a different powercfg command to tell the PC to go back to Sleep quickly, then PAUSE

  4. The PAUSE means this last cmd.exe stays “up” in a window when I awaken the PC the next time, and after I hit ENTER, a final powercfg command in that RestoreSleep.cmd restores the “normal” sleep settings for this PC.

What a PIA, which would be unnecessary if the AV scan process simply set Windows’ SetThreadExecutionState properly.

There you have it, you found the solution. Now we only need Comodo to implement it :smiley:

They just need to do what the example says (though I am a little unsure whether “ES_AWAYMODE_REQUIRED” is needed):

As long as you can increase/lower computer performance, i don’t think this idea can work (e.g. AMD’s boosting tool to lower performance will send the computer to stand by mode /and you can’t override this behavior from Windows, you have to use the program… i just see the coming reports about “not working feature” entries/). You shall switch off energy parameters and boosting tools manually.


This is indeed possible. This very feature is implemented in many programs like windows mediaplayer, mediaplayer classic, VLC etc. You might know this feature as “prevent screen saver during playback” this feature does essentially the same.

+1 :-TU

Saves using a program like Caffiene. :a0

Didn’t know about that program. That might work for now. Until Comodo decides to implement this… Didn’t get it in 5.8 either :frowning:

Astonishingly short-sighted on COMODO’s part. Or is it just plain stupid? >:-D


Plus an option to bring the PC out of sleep to start the scan

You can do this using windows’s own task manager. If I remember it correctly I believe that you can run a scan using a commandline. But you could also schedule anything to run in the task manager just before the scan in comodo is scheduled. That would wake the computer (But it might go to sleep again, depending on your settings).