AV on-access & on-demand causes error code 1224 in utorrent app

CIS x64 Version 4.1 150349.920

Hi there,

  1. Intel E8400 64 bit
  2. Windows 7
  3. only CIS
  4. If on-demand scanning or on-access scanning is active utorrent stops downloading files repeatedly with the error message "“The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with
    a user-mapped section open.” So far it never happend if scanning is disabled.
    I used the combination of utorrent and CIS 3.x for over a year without problems, after I reinstalled Windows7 and switched to CIS4.x the error occured for the first time.
  5. tried all three AV scanning options, on-demand, on-access and disabled
  6. FW Safe Mode, AV on-demand (normally), Defense+ disabled
  7. n/a
  8. UAC is enabled