AV not working

I did a fresh install of CIS and updated to the latest def. It asked me to reboot and I did. Now when I click on the about link under Misc menu, it says Version 0 and when I try to do anything with the AV it says ANTIVIRUS ENGINE NOT INITIALIZED.

Scanner setting is enabled and even on the task manager I see the cmdagent.exe taking about 22MB and CPU 0

WHat is going on?? I uninstalled CIS to do a fresh install and get the SafeSurf thingy and now the AV does not work!!! PLS HELP!!! (:AGY)

Diagnostic did not find any problem on the installation!!
Tried to uninstall again but keep getting the same error after the def update.
Machine: Acer Aspire One
Win XP Pro SP3 fully patched, 1.5GB RAM 160GB HDD
safeSurf and CIS installed

I believe this is a bug. It might be like the tray icon bug (with the red cross) where everything is okay, but that it reports that it’s not.

probably. however the tray icon is OK with no red cross or anything. Just normal. uninstalled and ran reg cleaner and I’m trying again. I’ll post back results.

I have the same problem today, but I am on Windows 7, so I thought maybe that’s why.

The same here, clear installation of CIS, def update= antivirus engine not initialized, I cannot run av scan. (:AGY) I have Vista 32 sp1.

uninstalled, clean install and I left the initial scanner run and update defs. Restarted and still the same problem. Virs defs are on 0 and engine is not running!!!

Same problem on my end!


what is going on? any ■■■■■ up with the last def update??

No big thing I’m still protected anyway(D+). But now I added Drive Sentry just in case until COMODO fix this or the new release is out.

Keep up the good work!