AV just automatically Quarantines! No prompt!

I do NOT - and I cannot emphasize that enough - to automatically quarantine something it fines.

This is the SAME bloody problem I had with Avast! and the SOLE reason that I uninstalled Avast! and switched to Comodo.

I don’t care if you include an OPTION to do it automatically (for the general “uninformed” out there), but do NOT dictate what happens on MY system.

I want the option when Comodo detects something as to what to do with it.

This only started with the last couple of updates.

This is NOT the road you want to go down …


Ok, hang on, maybe I jumped the gun - seems that the option for “Do not show Antivirus alerts” was checked by default. I will update further if the behavior continues after unchecking it.

It quarantines items that it finds malicious through the virus signatures, while it blocks from running items that it thinks are malicious from the behavioral analysis.

I suggest you go to unrecognized and/or untrusted files and make them trusted if you want them to run. Do this at your own risk though and only if you are absolutely sure the files are safe.

Make the settings of programs.

When installing with default installer settings the AV will automatically quarantine. You can change that either when running the installer of afterwards from within the program.