AV freezes? I have fixed my problem, this could help others with freezing AV

I have gotten rid of Avast and decided on Comodo. For some reason the AV freezes everytime I try to run the scan. I goes for bout 2 minutes and the stops. Now I have tried this over and over again and it doesnt always stop at the same item. Sometimes when I go to pause it the pause and other button lock up and you can’t press either one. The buttons seem to fade and the letters disappear also. I have done the DEF suggestion as posted by John but it doesnt work for me.

I have XP pro with SP3

The realtime virus scanner is working, at least thats what it says. So how do I fix the AV scanning issue?

have you messed with any antivirus settings?

EDIT:: sorry I read your post badly…


I believe this is resolved with v3.9 due out in a week.

I have not changed anything in the AV settings

So I should download the beta? Isnt there still bugs being worked out in it?

I do know my computer is currently clean. Now since I cant scan is the active protection working correctly?

please uninstall the current version and try this one.

32-Bit Setup

MD5: d44b1b093fcadac7035c08c1c5b51427
SHA1: fa0a716a112e2d98faf7bfe539ded8d15c817bde
Size: 69.4 MB (72,860,960 bytes)

64-Bit Setup

MD5: ae38e03bc641e6fb28a1b03f20e49e71
SHA1: 940c0aeeb870dd5f113757409238ffa52cb26d40
Size: 72.0 MB (75,592,480 bytes)

Did you read what it says before you install it???

It says this version is made for special users who attend beta testing. It say DO NOT install on a production machine. …

This is actually a good release, but not being released to public yet, this warning is applied.
As stated, the public release will be out next week (it will be very stable). :slight_smile:

So John should I put it on my computer?

Is the memory footprint allot heavier then the last version? Im wondering if its gonna slow down a low performance computer more then the last version

Memory foot print is lighter. I have been working on 3.9 for a while now but I think it is to some extend lighter than 3.8. It won’t be dramatic yet noticable.

My CIS 3.9 footprint is only 3,308K. That is the smallest I have seen yet, Matt.

Ok here is the situation… I did install the beta and I ran the AV and it froze. I wanted to see what the AV keeps freezing on but the files were cut short so I really couldnt read all the data I needed to see what it was exactly getting stuck on. So I kept seeing it located in the same area so I went into the AV and looked for the section. When I did it was showing a bunch of things such as Ventrilo, Teamspeak, old Pctuneup, other left over program applications. So I seached for all the ones I wanted gone, while using the search bar to check to see exactly what they were. I removed about 5 or 6 application folders and BOOM! the AV works now!

So I think maybe the other people that are having the same issue might have old AV data or things of that nature blocking comodo from functioning properly

Also the beta seems to work great and take up less memory and seems to run allot smoother. So far 2 thumbs up comodo team

I experienced a similar issue with 3.8. I didn’t see this though, in 3.9.

Ok it almost finished but it froze again. This time on PC health. First it was on

helpctr/config/news set.xml

Then it froze on


Can I delete the helpcenter? Not sure what to do bout it. It did pick up a threat b4 it got to this but because it froze and couldnt complete the scan I couldnt quarantine it. So what should I do?

try scanning in safe mode and quarantine what it finds. Than rescan once more in normal mode and see if it stops again.

Dude have u ever tried to start up comodo in safe mode? It wont happen