AV FP (CopyTrans)

I received 5 or 6 flags (which I have quarantined) on a program called CopyTrans Manager v0.198 (www.copytrans.net). It flagged the .exe file as well as some of the .zip files that I installed it from.

There is a newer CopyTrans, but I have not updated. I will wait to see if the company is including malware with their program (I suspect, however, it has identified a usage statistics reporter).

All the flags had the same format:

Thanks for the help Comodo :slight_smile:

Hi vYzion,
We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.
Thanks and Regards,
Lin mengze

The samples u submitted as false-positive is not detected by Comodo Internet Security version <5.0.162636.1135> with database version <6437>. Please make sure the Antivirus database is updated and check again.
If detection is still present, please submit the file on Comodo forums at https://forums.comodo.com/false_positivenegative_reporting_is_this_a_malware_that_cis_hasnot_detecte-b154.0/ along with details about the environment on which this event occurred.