AV found Regscan.exe after comodo PF installation [Resolved]

I recently installed Comodo PF and after I installed it, my AV program popped up and said I had a virus called Regscan.exe. Is this associated with Comodo PF?

Depends where it is located and if it is a false positive, can you tell us where the suspect file is located?

Why don’t you submit the file in question to COMODO, so they can analyze it and update the products accordingly? This can be done via CPF > Security > Tasks > Submit files to COMODO for analysis. Try to provide details if possible.

BTW Regscan.exe does not belong to CPF.

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Hi,this is one of many results that I got from google. Is your OS up to date with all critical security patches? Hope this helps.

Regshot.exe is not being bothered:)