AV engine not initialized after ignore

Ran a scan of my C drive with Heuristics on High and it came back with 3 detections which im pretty sure are fps.
Went to the file manually so i could try it on VirusTotal and the AV poped up again so i chose to ignore and then add to exclusion list(which it did)
Now after doing this if i try to do a manual scan of anything it says AV engine not initialized.Suddenly it started working again and then stoped again ???

Submitted file(basswma.dll) to Comodo,gonna try re-boot as diagnostics says all is ok.

Windows XP sp3/2 gig ram

The annoying thing is there is no indication of a problem unless you try to scan a file.


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Hello all,

also issue with same error message ┬┤engine not initialized┬┤

Eicar test is being stopped by onacces scanning, however when rightclicking a folder and trying to do on demand scan the error message appears.

i do also agree that it would be nice if some kind of internal check would be done by CIS to check this