Av doing unscheduled scans

I downloaded an old game (kings quest III) from Infamous adventures website. I have had this on my old PC so i know its safe. anyway, CIS flags the uninstaller as malicious (heur.suspicious@79023527). But what is odd is that CIS is giving random pop up warnings about this file even though I am not doing a scan, the scheduled scan is on Mondays so its not supposed to be running, and the uninstall.exe is not being ran. I am just messing around on the computer and a AV warning pops up out of the blue. AV is set to on access and I have the latest version. Any idea why its detecting this file when the exe is not being ran or no scan is occuring. And I have added this to my safe file so it should not detect it again.

You say you are messing around on you computer when this happens. Are you using the explorer to access various directories when the warning pops up? This could cause the uninstaller to be scanned.

Why it is popping up when it is on the safe list is a mystery though.

May be Windows or another program is indexing and reading that file?

No, sorry it is NOT popping up after being added to the safe list. Prior to adding it to the safe list CAV would give random warnings (I ignored them and did not add the file to the safe list at this time) even though it was not running a scan or the file was not being ran/accessed.

Like posted before ANY program that tries to “access” that file causes the CIS AV Real-Time Alert to show up because “Something” is accessing a “Malware” according to the virus definitions.

So that could be indexing, scanning files with an other AV or Malware on demand tool, browsing files with Explorer etc…

Can you please submit the file here:

This way it will never pop-up again no matter which program is trying to access it. CIS scans any program that is accessing the memory or being accessed by another program.