AV doesnt' recognize Win32.Daum

I think Comodo AV doesn’t recognize Win32.Daum in infected files. Unfortunately now I have many of them and Comodo treat them as clean. Other AV:

It’s rather this virus - I have messages from system Data Execution Prevention about explorer.exe.

A attached small file infected this virus.

I’ve removed the attached malware. Please don’t upload samples of live malware.



If you need help removing the virus, please read this:

To report the virus, so that it can be added in Comodo Antivirus’ database, please upload it here:


  1. Add the file to an archive (zip, rar). Password it with infected and email it to malwaresubmit[at]avlab.comodo.com

  2. Use “SUSPICIOUS FILE SUBMISSION” as the subject of the mail.